Land Delivery Training Courses

(in-house available)

If your Landholder Consultants/Negotiators are not performing to the desired level, our highly trained experts can provide "in house" training courses to sharpen their skills. 

We understand the importance of closing out agreements in a timely manner while conforming to company and legislative requirements.  Our training courses will improve the skills of existing negotiators and give newly appointed staff the necessary training and expertise required to perform at a high level as soon as they are deployed to the field.

Ongoing Professional Development is done by all staff members so our clients can be assured they are getting the best advice possible.

Land Access Induction Training - Contractors & Staff

We have presented Land Access Induction Training courses to familiarise contractors and their staff to satisfy the requirements of the Land Access Code.  These are "hands on" training courses.  On completion of our training courses, attendees complete a short form written 'test'.  Attendees are provided with Land Access Induction Cards on completion of the test.  Additionally, we provide Cultural Heritage Induction training for contractors and staff by means of a short form 'Powerpoint' presentation.  At the completion of the presentation, a verbal question and answer session is conducted to ensure all attendees understand the significance of the presentation.