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Growth in Australian Construction Costs Lowest Since 2020
2 August 2023
Source: CoreLogic After more than two years of unabated increases in the price to build a new home or renovate, the pressure on construction costs has come off the boil, despite lingering volatility among individual material types. CoreLogic’s Cordell Construction Cost Index (CCCI), which tracks the cost to build a typical new home, returned a quarterly growth rate of 0.7% for the June quarter, the lowest rate since September 2020 and well below the 1.2% decade average. The quar...
Inland Rail: Why Qld landholders are missing out on 'fair compensation'
4 July 2022
Source:  Queensland Country Life Queensland landholders impacted by Inland Rail are at a major disadvantage compared to their interstate counterparts, according to a lawyer advising landholders along the proposed route. Adair Donaldson, Donaldson Law, Toowoomba, said while there was ongoing debate about the final route of the controversial project, what was not in dispute was that whatever route was chosen, landholders would be sacrificing their land and livelihoods for the benefit of ...
Anti-Phoenixing Decision - Creditor Defeating Disposition
31 May 2022
Source:  AVAA The first decision under recent Anti-Phoenixing Laws has been handed down. Victorian Supreme Court Associate Justice Gardiner observed that the case had “all the classic hallmarks of a phoenix transaction” before handing down his decision. It is his opinion that assets had been transferred below market value - or best available price at the time.
Introduced under the Treasury Laws Amendment (Combating Illegal Phoenixing) Act 2020 and takin...
Compensation for the compulsory acquisition of native title rights awarded by New South Wales Courts
14 September 2021
Source: CBP - Insights There have been two recent important New South Wales (NSW) Court decisions in respect of native title in the context of the compulsory acquisition of land. The emergence of these types of claims will need to be assessed and dealt with by the Courts in the years ahead. In anticipation of an increase of these types of claims, the Valuer-General of NSW has released a draft paper on valuing cultural heritage land (Draft Paper) under the Land Acquisition (Jus...
Expert's Report - Beware of Assumptions
11 May 2021
Source:  Ian Neil, McCarthy Durie Lawyers Although the issues concerned an Accountant's expert report in Queensland Supreme Court civil litigation1, the Court's consideration of the issues are no doubt relevant to experts' reports in the Planning & Environment Court and Land Court jurisdictions. Indeed, it is probably fair to say that many expert reports in those jurisdictions, possibly for reasons of complacency in instructions provided or the expert's frequent e...