Land Delivery Management Services

Our highly trained land delivery consultants will provide landholder liaison negotiations for a range of purposes including:

Land management practices cover the way that land is handled, meaning how a land use outcome will be achieved. Land delivery management has become a more significant focus of many areas across Queensland and New South Wales including regional areas and in capital cities like Brisbane and Sydney. 

Minsol group are highly-trained land delivery consultants and can help with land management needs. Contact us to learn more about our services.

  • Early Project Exploration Activities (EIS)

  • Renewable Energy Infrastructure - Transmission Line Corridors Negotiations

  • Seismic Survey Access

  • Cultural Heritage surveys, Environmental and Construction

  • Project Development access requirements

  • Ongoing day to day property/project access and landholder liaison requirements

  • Negotiations of Conduct and Compensation and other associated agreements

  • Rectification of landholder complaints

  • Act as the "responsible person" for the resource holder as part 5 of the Queensland Land Access Code.  Duties include being responsible for all landholder communications and negotiations on behalf of the resource holder.  The responsible person is the contact point for the resource holder, contractor and landholder.