Landholder Negotiations and Land Access

There are many companies offering services to provide Land Access advice, but we have current hands-on experience in acquisitions, negotiations, and management across the country in both regional and urban environments.

There are few companies that can provide land delivery consultants armed with the expertise and training required to "hit the ground running".  We understand the stringent deadlines resource/infrastructure companies have in achieving negotiated agreements to enable the construction of infrastructure.  Our company can offer the services of fully trained consultants who all have proven themselves to be leaders in their field to achieve mutually beneficial outcomes.

We are experienced professional Land Access negotiators and/or Land Delivery managers with current "hands-on" experience and are involved in the day to day management of projects.  We are experienced in dealing with rural landholders and various Government stakeholders in property-related matters.  Maintaining a positive relationship between landholders and the resource/infrastructure company is a key outcome in delivering successful landholder negotiations, acquisitions, access, and valuations.

Legislation is forever changing, and our company recognises that ongoing training and development of our staff is paramount to the provision of good advice across all of Australia.  Our personnel are fully trained to offer strong negotiation, communication and relationship building skills and have submitted appraisals across rural regions in New South Wales and Queensland as well as cities like Brisbane and Sydney.

For landholder negotiations, land access, land acquisition, and other negotiation services contact us.