Valuations - Acquisitions & Resumptions - Mining, Energy, Rail, Road, Pipelines & Powerlines

Our expertise extends to the provision of advice to assist in the refinement of corridor route selection for large scale linear infrastructure.

This involves onsite inspections, sometimes without statutory authority.  Access is obtained by voluntary agreements with landholders negotiated by our experienced experts.  Our expert consultants can determine the best place for crossings and identify potential land swaps and physical topographical restrictions which may result in considerable project cost savings.

Our in-house property professionals have "hands on" recent experience in the negotiation of compensation and compensation valuations for acquisition.  Expertise extends to rail corridors, power line and pipeline corridors, CSG trunkline/gathering and access track Right of Way corridors.

Mine site and infrastructure corridor acquisitions and resumptions - for all your energy, mining, power, railway and pipeline projects.

Discuss your requirements with the Minsol Group Property Consultants.


A list of the services provided by Minsol Group includes:

  • Community consultation and stakeholder relations

  • Cultural heritage access supervision

  • Land access negotiations

  • Land access strategy

  • Landholder liaison and consultation

  • Management of both small and large scale land and easement corridor acquisition programs

  • Easements

  • Preparation of land access/acquisition budgets

  • Site and route selection and refinement

  • Valuations for compensation

  • Pre-purchase, sale advice and valuations