Minsol Group has a talented landholder liaison team that understands the importance of working with landholders from all walks of life.

Our approach is to communicate honestly and transparently with landholders.  This ensures the project owner, contractors and landholders have a clear understanding of the interests and objectives of the other so that the parties are able to discuss and agree on a process to best achieve these.

Our experience in enhancing landholder relationships gives our clients confidence that the project will secure and maintain its social licence to operate within affected communities.

We can assist with:

  • Stakeholder engagement strategy planning and supervision
  • Development of land access strategies
  • Landholder Liaison
  • Securing land access agreements
  • Management of all landholder and property data
  • Management of all notices and notifications required for landholders
  • Land acquisition and negotiating compensation
  • Landholder liaison during construction and re-instatement
  • Landholder contact programs for operating linear infrastructure

Community and Stakeholder Consultation

There is a greater need than ever before to acquire and maintain the support of those who live and work near a project to obtain a social license to operate.  Minsol Group provides the necessary connection with the community to ensure the project is properly understood and that the client is conscious of the community views.

We can develop a stakeholder engagement plan and work with you to have our field staff implement that plan through various engagement methods.  A well-implemented plan will assist clients through the approvals and builds the necessary foundations of transparency and trust within communities and construction phases.

We can:

  • Prepare stakeholder engagement plans
  • Develop consultation plans
  • Undertake stakeholder engagement
  • Organise and participate in community information sessions
  • Organise and participate in stakeholder briefings and presentations

Cultural Heritage

Minsol Group can help navigate what appears to be a daunting task for those unfamiliar with the relevant processes.  We are capable of completing cultural heritage surveys and working with indigenous community groups and individuals.

Minsol Group is able to:
  • Consult with indigenous groups and traditional owners
  • Organise and oversee cultural heritage desktop and field surveys
  • Develop cultural heritage management plans
  • Negotiate Indigenous Land Use Agreements
  • Perform cultural heritage compliance audits