Construction Supervision and Conformance Monitoring

We recognise there is a requirement under resource legislation to follow legislative and company procedures during construction.

Most resource companies require strict standards which are often difficult to monitor.  Our services extend to the provision of professionally trained personnel to supervise and monitor construction activities.  We believe it is important to get it right from the start; we can assist your organisation by attending pre-start meetings to ensure all contractors understand and adhere to the all-important Access Rules.

We believe the best form of monitoring is by way of random site visits.  Our experienced staff will ensure breaches are kept to a minimum and resolved without unnecessary stoppages or lockouts.

Landholder and or community complaints can be monitored and remedied by our experienced consultants.  We will contact the appropriate contractors/third parties to rectify grievances as soon as practicable.  Ongoing early communication by our experienced consultants will normally stabilise these situations.

Monitoring compliance of agreed entry conditions by field staff and ensuring agreements are accurately followed are some of our key strengths.

construction supervision