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Emu Swamp Dam - Another Infrastructure Project Proceeding

Posted by Minsol Group on 12 June 2020

Minsol Group/Leeson Valuers/Costello Group are pleased to be awarded the land procurement contract associated with the Emu Swamp Dam/Granite Belt Irrigation Project.  This project is of national significance, consisting of a dam and pipeline that will provide the Granite Belt region with new water storage and irrigation.  The project has an estimated construction cost of $84 million and is scheduled for completion in 2022.

The key benefits of the project include water security, food security and regional development with up to 35% increase in regional water supply and 273 hectares of new irrigated high value agricultural land.  This will result in approximately $68 million of increased annual gross agricultural production for the area.  Additionally, some 700 new permanent jobs will be created in the agricultural industry, plus it will provide 450 megalitres of emergency urban water supply to the Stanthorpe township.

Peter Costello, Lead Land Access Consultant for the project will be responsible for procuring the land for the dam site and pipeline corridor and liaising with affected landholders.  Peter Costello stated that he and the team are very proud to be associated with another large infrastructure project which has great added value to the nation and joins the current infrastructure projects having a combined value of greater than $16 billion, which the Costello Group/Minsol Group/Leeson Valuers are involved in.

John Leeson, Principal of Minsol Group/Leeson Valuers stated that he is very pleased to be able to assist the Emu Swamp Dam/Granite Belt Irrigation Projects to get up and going as it has been in discussion/planning  for in excess of 10 years, and now that it is underway, will bring substantial increased economic activity to the area.  The area generally has been substantially impacted by drought over recent years and bushfires in 2019/early 2020 and the general downturn in the tourism trade as a consequence of COVID19, and therefore it is a great opportunity to increase local jobs during construction of this major infrastructure project.

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