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Landholders urged to seek support as CSG industry expands

Posted on 3 April 2014

Source: AgForce Projects

AgForce Projects is calling on landholders across the Surat Basin to ensure they understand the CSG negotiation process and what it means for their property as CSG companies continue to expand into new areas across the region.

CSG project officer Daniel Phipps said with export pipelines and LNG facilities at Gladstone nearing completion, it is estimated that the number of CSG wells drilled each year across the region will grow to fill demand.

"CSG exploration and development activity in Queensland remains very strong," Mr Phipps said.
"New tenures are opening up and current industry estimates suggest that between 500-1000 new wells will be drilled every year, taking the total number of wells from 7000 (as of January 2014) to between 20,000 40,000 over the life of the industry.

"The critical point here is that up to half of these will be drilled on properties that do not currently have any wells, which means properties that are not directly impacted by CSG now, may find themselves having to deal with a CSG company down the track."

Mr Phipps said for this reason it is important for landholders who are yet to be approached by a CSG company to have as much information about the industry as possible including their rights and responsibilities and how to negotiate a fair conduct and compensation agreement (CCA).

"At the same time it is equally as important for landholders who have already negotiated an agreement to continue to stay informed in case they are required to negotiate a new agreement for further developments on their property at a later stage," he said.

"There is a lot of information landholders need to prepare before they start negotiating with a CSG company, including important conduct and compensation provisions that could be vital to the long-term security of their property."

The AgForce Projects' CSG team will be delivering much-needed support and assistance to landholders at free workshops in Roma on Tuesday 4 March, Condamine on Wednesday 5 March and Dalby on Thursday 6 March.

Landholders will hear about all the latest industry developments, new tenures and development plans and be taken step-by-step through the CCA and Make Good negotiation process to ensure they get the best outcome for their property.

Computer mapping workshops, which will provide landholders with the tools and information to use a property map to assist with CSG negotiations, will be held in Mitchell, Roma and Miles from 1 3 April.

These workshops are delivered with the support of the Queensland Government, GasFields Commission and the Australian Petroleum Production and Exploration Association.