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Southern Downs Regional Council locks in 585ML water deal in major step towards security

Posted on 13 January 2021

Source:  Toowoomba Chronicle

A key vote submitted within the walls of the Southern Downs Regional Council chambers this week symbolised a major step forward for future water security.

Council voted in favour of the Emu Swamp Dam project by agreeing to participate and acquire a 585ML water allocation and sell or lease a 450ML water allocation from Storm King Dam to the project, subject to conditions.

Southern Downs Mayor Vic Pennisi said this decision was just one part of the solution and many other options were still on the table to obtain secure water supply sources for the whole region.

"Council is not complacent about the issue of finding long term solutions to securing water for the region," Mr Pennisi said.

"History shows that drought will always be a part of our landscape and we are reviewing a number of options to shore up our water supply for all the towns across the Southern Downs.

"At this stage of our review into water security, the Emu Swamp Dam project currently delivers some immediate and affordable solutions for assisting with water security, but that is not to say that this won't change as we progress with our investigations. It's all about moving forward, one step at a time, making informed decisions, exploring the facts and staying focused on finding solutions."

Councillor Stephen Tancred said he supported the motion to provide water security through the Emu Swamp Dam project with Stanthorpe's 5,000 residents in mind.

"Our opportunity at the recent meeting is to take another positive step in finding a water solution for Stanthorpe," Mr Tancred said.


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