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The Energy Charter - Landholder Engagement Training

Posted on 12 March 2024

Minsol Group team members, David Lambert and Ben Whitfield attended the Landholder Engagement Training hosted in Brisbane by The Energy Charter which included hearing from those impacted on the ground: farmers, landholders and communities. The 60+ participants included transmission, renewable developers, Ombudsman and government representatives from around Australia.  

Topics covered

  • The social licence context
  • Setting the scene: Renewable energy development in Queensland and why we need to get it right
  • Landholder insights panel: Chat with landholders on what’s going well and opportunities to improve
  • Shared value: An essential building block for social licence
  • Site visit: Partnering to support endangered wildlife
  • Site visit: Partnering for bushfire management
  • Site visit: Partnering to manage invasive plants
  • Biosecurity: Washdown, obligations and new threats
  • Compassion in conflict: Positive communication and de-escalation strategies
  • Creating psychologically safe spaces: Safe ways of working with impacted landholders facing cumulative stressors, including as a result of energy development
  • Look after yourself: Practical tips to support your own mental wellbeing